Our fees

Pursuant to the principles applying to our profession, fees are freely agreed upon between the client and his lawyer, taking into consideration, notably, the nature of the case and its difficulty, the interests at stake, the specialization of the lawyer as well as its client’s financial ability.

According to our professional rules, and to ensure transparency, our fee proposals are made in writing and are subject to our client’s prior approval.

Depending on the case you assign to us, our fee proposal is made either according to the time spent, by applying the hourly rate set for each type of service, or on a lump-sum basis, by determining a global fee for all services that have been agreed upon with you first. In addition to these fixed fees, a success fee may be agreed upon, the percentage of which, the amounts on which it shall be calculated and the terms and conditions according to which such success fee shall be due are precisely defined with you in advance.

Whatever the terms and conditions agreed upon, we commit ourselves to insure a clear, precise and detailed communication on the determining and billing of our services, at every stage of our intervention.

Regarding the interventions of Stefan Stade as “Rechstanwalt” (German lawyer) in Germany, and particularly before the german courts, the fees are fixed by a specific regulation providing for a mandatory scale, which Stefan Stade may elaborate upon request.